miércoles, 27 de abril de 2016

martes, 26 de abril de 2016

jueves, 21 de abril de 2016

miércoles, 13 de abril de 2016

Green party


Remenber this? The variegated nasturtium keeps going on.

Here tulips and lettuces growing together.

Pelargonium are welcome to the party.

I am so proud of this little chive! This is his third year.

jueves, 17 de marzo de 2016

Ensanchando Barcelona

El ensanche de Barcelona que proyectó Rovira i Trias en 1859.

El ensanche o Eixample que conocemos, el de Cerdà en 1859, no ganó el concurso pero fue el que se acabó realizando. 

miércoles, 9 de marzo de 2016

Rain, variegated nasturtium seed and beautiful house at Apartment Therapy

The rain doesn´t stop these days. The secret garden is taking some profit of it.

The other day while looking for some seeds for the kids to plant I found this unique variegated nasturtium seed, if it germinates it will be her 3erd year. Last year the plant produced this only seed. We will see!

At Apartment Therapy I have found this nice interior